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Our Vision
With the growing awareness around we've felt that people are seeking exclusivity and have become more experimental. As rightly said, "A garment must follow the body and not the other way round." We strongly believe in having a personal style statement. But with time crunch and living on the base of deadlines, we are able to pull out time only for Ready-to-wear hopping. Dress hunting becomes very painful when you are looking out for a specific pattern or style and end up buying something which is a fit parse. Here, at Book A Designer we provide you, the choice of putting all your tastes together and get it all done by professional designers that to at no cost of moving around. From appointing a designer, to getting your perfectly tailored dress, all you'll get is a hassle free experience at your door step and obviously your beautiful looking dress precisely tailored only for you.
Till the delivery, you can be sure of our efforts put into your dress. All the process is carried out inside our Bangalore based production units(do visit us to take a tour), which are taken care by our highly experienced masters and tailors. The embroiders skills are ancestral and specialized. To make sure that a garment is made to perfection, our highly motivated designers are constantly on their fest. One very important aspect that we follow in the production house is to keep you in loop, with every step that is taken towards making your dress a success. Our team is constantly researching on the latest textile trends and our catalogs are regularly update to keep your design choices wide. Thus, we say Booking A Designer is a true, #luxury at home which was possible them and is now.
Our Dreamers
Aman Kishore Agarwal
Ishant Agarwal